How to Donate

We are seeking to improve the quality of education and bring gender parity in the teaching profession by training 100 male and 100 female teachers by 2020

We aim to tackle undernutrition in children (0-5 years old) by providing healthy and well-timed nutrition. We seek to improve the health of young mothers by providing basic healthcare and education on how to prevent diseases related to undernutrition. We will seek to reduce stunting by 20% and wasting by 10% by 2020

We aim to create 250 young entrepreneurs by 2020. This will be achieved through our innovative social enterprise programmes.

You can donate using your credit card or make a regular contribution by direct debit using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do this. If you do not have an account just hit ‘Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account’.’ to the left of the PayPal log in block.


Donate via Paypal by credit card or monthly direct debit


Please make cheque payable to (Alliance for International Development) send to:
Flat 76 Arrol House
Rockingham Street
London SE1 6QL

How we spend your money

For every £1 you donate to Alliance for International Development

40p goes to improving the quality of education and to attract more women to the teaching profession

30p goes to providing healthy and well-timed nutrition for children 0-5 years old

20p goes to providing vital information to poor people allowing them to access markets, public and private services

10p goes to our support cost and generating more funds for what you care about.


We will use your money to build capabilities of poor people allowing them to use skills & knowledge to challenge poverty