“Education is not a way to escape poverty – it is a way of fighting it.”
Julius Nyerere (former President of Tanzania)

Eradicating poverty must involve comprehensive actions, including social, political and economic co-operations. In this effort, the role of education must be prioritised, given that education is key to social progress and wealth creation. Historically Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), bi and multi lateral organisations have spent millions of dollars in providing infrastructure and access to education in Sierra Leone. Yet, Sierra Leone lacks proper educational institutions and very often less capable staff to provide the kind of education that guarantees quality outcomes. The standard of education in Sierra Leone has been and is still found wanting. Today, majority of university graduates from across Sierra Leone lack intellectual ability or rigour to engage in coherent and objective conversations.

Our Approach

To deliver a type of education that guarantees superior outcomes, there must be a balance between access and quality. We will ensure that education becomes the mechanism for social transformation in Sierra Leone. We aim to improve the quality of education across schools and universities by embarking on capacity building programmes for teachers, providing tools and introducing post seminars classes across universities. Through incentives, we will introduce academic competitions across schools and universities. In this effort we will spend 40% of our budget to ensure improved outcomes for beneficiaries.


We aim to provide access to education where needed, we will also ensure that poor people benefit from quality provision similar to the kind enjoyed by students in developed countries. Female education will be a priority. Promoting female education and participation is our priority because educating women is regarded as taboo or neglected in many regions across Sierra Leone. Prioritizing female education is also important because women are key to unlocking the productive capacity of Sierra Leone’s economy. Women make up 75% of the productive work force in the agricultural sector. Our intervention will ensure the female population in Sierra Leone is better educated, trained, knowledgeable and informed to choose and lead lives they have reason to value.

To achieve this priority object we will:

  • Develop social programmes that encourage households to send female children to higher education or skills training institutions.
  • Ensure women play prominent roles in development programmes in there communities
  • Device methods to make the teaching profession attractive for women
  • Work closely with FBOs and households to change perceptions

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