We are seeking to improve the quality of education and bring gender parity in the teaching profession by training 100 male and 100 female teachers by 2024

We aim to tackle undernutrition amongst children (0-5 years old) by providing healthy and well-timed nutrition. We seek to improve the wellbeing of young mothers by providing basic healthcare and education on the prevention of diseases related to undernutrition. We will seek to reduce stunting by 20% and wasting by 10% by 2024

Through our partner business (ZahlanFx Limited) we aim to support 5000 new entrepreneurs by 2024. This will be achieved through the ZahlanFx  innovative Developmental Microfinance (DMf) Program.

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Management Team

The A-fID Management Team led by Foday S Kamara is ambitious, young, dynamic and experienced.

Foday S Kamara
Chief Executive Officer

Foday is Founder & CEO of Alliance for International Development (A-fID). He has BA(Hons) in International Politics, from London South Bank University and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. Foday has vast knowledge in Development Economics, Poverty Reduction Strategies, Globalisation, Business development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Trade, Sociology and politics of development, Industrial Policies and policies on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). He is fluent in Dutch written and spoken and holds a Dutch Mbo in Civil Engineering.

Foday founded and directed the e-commerce business, ZAHLAN LIMITED for 8 years. He was a very efficient Sales and Business Development Executive working for Transnational Corporations such as gsk and Valspar. Foday Kamara brings with him vast experience in Private Sector business development and Territory Management. Foday was Co-founder and Chairman of People in Action for Sierra Leone (MIA) Netherlands from 2003 to 2004.

Ahmed Kamara
Chief Finance Officer
Ahmed Kamara is the CFO, and joined A-fID in June 2015 bringing with him vast array of entrepreneurial experience. He is a philanthropist by nature and passionate about youth employment and empowerment. Ahmed spent over 15 years owning and managing several business ventures across Europe and Africa. He is a founding member of several community organisations in the UK and Netherlands. Ahmed was a close advisor to the Trade Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Ahmed presently runs his own private enterprises.
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Mohamed joined A-fID in April 2016, after three and a half years with various community development organisations in both the UK and Netherlands, where he helped develop their strategies for promoting programs and marketing their brands across Europe. Committed to engaging audiences using the power of face 2 face, social engagements, he has wide-ranging experience in marketing, content creation, production and strategy - and has worked across a range of diaspora media events and advertising. Mohamed loves to apply his passion for humours to projects that promote the self-reliance of poor people.

Before A-fID, he worked as a successful entrepreneur running a chain of small businesses with procurement and supply chain stretching from Asia to Africa. He loves reggae, African music and he is a fanatic body builder.
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Thomas joined A-fID in June 2016 and he has been a brilliant addition to our Organisation. Thomas attended the Economics Lyceum in Eindhoven - Netherlands and attained a diploma in commercial procurement and administration.

He worked for two years as Purchasing Officer at Lekkerland (a subsidiary of MAAS INTERNATIONAL). Thomas has been a Small Business Owner for 10 years working as an independent entrepreneur.

Thomas is an ambitious learner. He later gained an advance diploma in business and finance at the LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE. He is currently in his final year at Greenwich University reading for a degree in Finance Management.

Thomas Conteh's passion for development is exemplary. With his work ethics and local knowledge of Sierra Leone politics, we believe Thomas will add more value to our programmes in Sierra Leone.
Business Development Manager

Joseph joined A-fID in 2016 and he has been a brilliant addition to our Organisation. Joseph graduated with a BSc (Hons) from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone. He holds a diplomas in Applied Accounting, Store Management and Inventory Control from the Cambridge International School in London. Joseph has a reservoir of work experience in the field of accounting and mid-level management. He has worked for Multinational organisations such as KPMG and Sierra Rutile Limited. What really stood out for us in bringing Joseph to A-fID is his passion for development work and his involvement with community organising.

Joseph is a very dedicated workaholic yet has enough time for his family. He is married with one child. Joseph will add value to our organisation by growing and developing our Small Enterprise Finance (SEF) portfolio.

Administrative Secretary

Kadiatu joined A-fID on 01 March 2017 and she has been a brilliant colleague at our A-fID (SL) offices. Kadiatu, graduated from Fourah Bay College (FBC) the University of Sierra Leone. She holds a BA in Sociology. Kadiatu has worked with various not for profit organisations including DONBOSCO FANBUL Sierra Leone. She has also worked as a volunteer with UNDP and the National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone (NAYCOM). She has administrative and secretarial experiences working with children societies across Sierra Leone. With her background in development work we believe Kadiatu will use her skills to add more value to our programs across Sierra Leone.

Financial Experts

Barnes Roffe LLP (link) accountants provide accounting services and expert advice in relation to financial and investment matters. Ben Bradley is the adviser in the charity’s matters. Ben is not involve in the day-2-day management of the organisation - Ben only provides independent expert advice to A-fID.