We are seeking to improve the quality of education and bring gender parity in the teaching profession by training 100 male and 100 female teachers by 2020

We aim to tackle undernutrition in children (0-5 years old) by providing healthy and well-timed nutrition. We seek to improve the health of young mothers by providing basic healthcare and education on how to prevent diseases related to undernutrition. We will seek to reduce stunting by 20% and wasting by 10% by 2020

We aim to create 250 young entrepreneurs by 2020. This will be achieved through our innovative social enterprise programmes.

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Our Approach is Comprehensive

Our approach is participatory development with beneficiaries at the centre of Programme design, management and implementation. We believe that sustainable development descends from programmes designed to build on the philosophies, needs and leadership of communities. We aim to use our expert knowledge, guidance and influential networks to stimulate action on often overlooked or under-funded challenges that are creating hindrances to social and economic mobility in Sierra Leone.

Strengthening the capabilities of poor people, ensuring that skills & knowledge is applied to challenge poverty, means we are tackling the source of poverty, not remedying the consequence. To make such bold method succeed, we rigorously and frequently monitor provisional results – allowing us to quickly learn and adapt our strategies.

Our bottom up approach will provide beneficiaries the skills & knowledge to lead economically prosperous lives. Tackling undernutrition, improving the quality of education, providing information and developing the capacity of young people are centre to our approach.

Forging North-South Strategic Alliances

With our head office in London and our Operations Office in Freetown, our approach is to forge strategic alliances with donors and partners in the developed North, and beneficiaries in the developing South. The work carried out by the management team as a result of this North-South collaboration is and remains of benefit to our programmes.