The Team
Board of Trustees

Fatoumata Keita, who is chairlady, heads the board of trustees responsible for the oversight and governance of (A-fID) Alliance for International Development. They meet regularly to review and update strategic priorities and areas of operation including communities we work in, due diligence, risk management, fundraising, investment, governance and impact assessment.

Fatoumata Keita
Fatoumata is co-founder and head of board of trustees. The board of trustees is responsible for the oversight and governance of Alliance for International Development (A-fID). Fatoumata is pragmatic and passionate about female education and child nutrition. She has previously volunteered as child support worker responsible for children’s healthy and timely nutrition intake. Fatoumata has travelled extensively and spent over 6 months in the United States understanding different approaches to the social and economic development of young mothers and young adults.
Joyce A Freeman
Joyce Freeman is the treasurer and co-founder of (A-fID) Alliance for International Development. She is passionate about vocational and technical skills development in young people and unschooled adults. Joyce is a registered Mid-wife with the United Kingdom (UK) National Health Service (NHS). Her passion and devotion in helping people is uncontested. She is a compassionate public servant who believes that more can be done to improve women’s health in West Africa. She lives no stone unturned in helping others achieve their life aspirations.

Joyce has over 10 years experience in public service as a registered Nurse in the UK. She holds a BSc in nursing from Kings College London and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Midwifery from City University.
Management Team

The A-fID Management Team led by Foday S Kamara is ambitious, young, dynamic and experienced.

Foday S Kamara
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Foday Sadik Kamara (Saks) as commonly known is co-founder and CEO of Alliance for International Development (A-fID). He holds a BA (Hons) degree in International Politics from London South Bank University and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. He has vast knowledge in Development Economics, Poverty Reduction Strategies, Globalisation, Business and Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sociology and Politics of Development. Foday is fluent in Dutch written and spoken and holds a Dutch Mbo in Civil Engineering.

For 8 years he founded and directed the e-commerce business ZAHLAN LIMITED. He was also a Sales and Business Development Executive working for Transnational Corporations such as Gsk and Valspar Corporation. Foday Sadik Kamara brings with him vast experience in private sector Business Development and Territory Management.
Ahmed Kamara
Chief Finance Officer
Ahmed Kamara (Sheik) as commonly known is the CFO and joined A-fID in June 2015 bringing with him a vast array of entrepreneurial experience. He is a philanthropist by nature and passionate about youth health issues and economic development. Ahmed spent over 15 years owning and managing several business ventures across Europe and Africa. He is a founding member of several community organisations in the UK and the Netherlands. Ahmed was a close advisor to the Trade Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone. He is presently pursuing a degree in International Politics.
Mustapha Sedapha Kamara
Volunteer Project Director
Mustapha is a young gradute from the University of Sierra Leone (FBC). Mustapha is presently a volunteer Field Project Co-Ordinator. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) degree in economics. Mustapha has been very instrumental is our ongoing field research.
Financial Experts

Barnes Roffe LLP (link) accountants provide accounting services and expert advice in relation to financial and investment matters. Ben Bradley is the adviser in the charity’s matters. Ben is not involve in the day-2-day management of the organisation - Ben only provides independent expert advice to A-fID.