We are seeking to improve the quality of education and bring gender parity in the teaching profession by training 100 male and 100 female teachers by 2020

We aim to tackle undernutrition in children (0-5 years old) by providing healthy and well-timed nutrition. We seek to improve the health of young mothers by providing basic healthcare and education on how to prevent diseases related to undernutrition. We will seek to reduce stunting by 20% and wasting by 10% by 2020

We aim to create 250 young entrepreneurs by 2020. This will be achieved through our innovative social enterprise programmes.

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Board of Trustees

Fatoumata Keita is co-founder and heads the board of trustees. The board is responsible for oversight and governance of A-fID. The Board regularly meets to review and update strategic priorities, evaluate project results, determine fundraising methods and discuss investments.

Fatoumata Keita

Fatoumata is pragmatic and passionate about female education and child nutrition. She has previously volunteered as child support worker responsible for children’s healthy and timely nutrition. Fatoumata has extensively travelled and spent over 6 months in the United States of America understanding different approaches to social and economic development of young mothers and healthy feeding patterns for children under 5 years old.

Fatoumata holds Mbo in retail and marketing from the Netherlands. She has over 5 years experience in the retail industry working with big fashion and retail chains such as Shoeby and Hema in the Netherlands and Comet in the UK. Fatoumata has over 10 years experience in the personal care and beauty industry. Fatoumata was also a founding member of People in Action for Sierra Leone (MIA) in Netherlands.

Joyce A Freeman

Joyce Freeman is the co-founder and Treasurer of Alliance for International Development. Joyce is passionate about improvement in the quality of education across West Africa. She is also concerned about the level of illiteracy amongst women in the sub-continent. Joyce is a registered Midwife with the United Kingdom (UK) National Health Service (NHS). Her passion and commitment to helping and giving voice to women is uncontested. She is a compassionate public servant who believes that more can be done to improve women’s health in West Africa. Her primary focus is for A-fID to deliver on its strategic priorities on time and on budget.

Joyce has over 8 years experience in public service as a registered Nurse. She has BSc in nursing from Kings College London, and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Midwifery from City University. Joyce is a practicing mid-wife.