A healthy and well-timed nutrition can hugely unlock human capability – critically so in the mental and physical development of younger children. Globally, it is estimated that 160 million children are recurrently undernourished. Undernutrition is an important contributor to the global burden of diseases and extreme poverty. Underweight, stunting and wasting are each associated with synergistic increases in mortality from diarrhoea, respiratory diseases and infections such as measles. Undernutrition is often responsible for over half the death associated with such infections across the globe [Journal of paediatrics and child health: 46 (2010) 497-503].

Our Approach

We believe that Sierra Leone’s future economic development depends on the wellbeing of the population and extremely low infant mortality. Today, the biggest threat to Sierra Leone’s future economic progress is infant mortality, and the major cause of infant mortality is undernutrition. We aim to provide free, healthy and well-timed nutrition for children 0-5 years old. We will also provide free basic healthcare for young mothers benefiting from our nutrition programmes. In this effort we will dedicate 30% of our budget to provision and changing perceptions.


Our mission is to cooperate with donors and commercial partners and ensure that our interventions focus on achieving a 20% reduction in stunting and a 10% reduction in wasting. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Investing in and supporting small-scale children feeding programmes across communities
  • Using our i2E centres to raise awareness on healthy and timely diet for children (0-5 years old)
  • Changing perception around nutrition through partnerships with local stakeholders and community champions