Who are we?

We are Alliance for International Development (A-fID). We are a registered charity in England, Wales and Sierra Leone with Head Office in London, and Operational Office in Freetown. A-fID was founded in March 2015.

Setting out strategic priorities that could have lasting impacts in the fight against poverty, the founders of A-fID set out to markedly improve the wellbeing of poor and vulnerable people across Sierra Leone. A-fID is clearly focused on two indispensable areas of development –social and economic. A-fID believes that creating social and economic opportunities could reasonably deliver the biggest and most effective outcome in the relief and prevention of poverty. Our emphasis to expand socio-economic opportunities is sacred.

We are able to deliver our programmes due to the founders’ extraordinary vision and focus, the generosity of donors and expertise provided by partners. All these have contributed to making A-fID a key player in the International Development Arena. For sustainability of our programmes, the independent Board of Trustees, Management Team and Partners are constantly seeking new ways to improve on our activities and to scale up our projects.

We work with wide range of partners seeking to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people across Sierra Leone. In this effort, we seek to courageously challenge poverty in a participatory way – based on the theory of capabilities approach to poverty reduction. We will build communities where transparency is not an abstract consideration, but a practice guaranteed in every interaction.

We believe that building capabilities of less fortunate people is the world’s prize – a prize that embodies better life for millions of poor and vulnerable people. We believe our efforts could lead to sustainable social and economic change in often-neglected areas of development across Sierra Leone.

Our work includes unlocking areas of social and economic opportunities and keener ways to making sure transparency is guaranteed across communities. We aim to pioneer programmes that help transform the lives of poor and vulnerable women, men, young people and children. In this process, we are open to learning from experts, local stakeholders, multi and bi-lateral organisations.